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Creeping Acquisition submissions due … later

Posted by Julie Clarke on 11 June 2009

Submissions on the ‘Creeping Acquisitions – The Way Forward‘ discussion paper are due tomorrow.  The paper proposes only one type of creeping acquisition law – a market power based law which would prevent acquisitions by corporations with substantial market power any time the acquisition would further ‘enhance’ their market power.  No guide to how much it would need to ‘enhance’ their power is provided …

For more see my submission to the inquiry.

UPDATE: I raced to get my submission in by the deadline of 12 June but it seems I need not have bothered.  Today the web site has been updated with a notice that “The closing date for submissions has been extended by four weeks, to 10 July 2009”.  Naturally this will also set back the introduction of any creeping acquisition law, which the Government previously announced would occur by 30 June (this, is of course, a good thing … better that they set it back until … never)

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