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Criminal cartel bill passes Senate

Posted by Julie Clarke on 16 June 2009

The Trade Practices Amendment (Cartel Conduct and Other Measures) Bill 2008 passed the Senate last night with amendments relating to the Joint Venture exemption.  For discussion of the quality of these amendments see Fisse, ‘The Contract Requirement for the Joint Venture Exceptions Under Sections 44ZZRO and 44ZZRP of the Cartel Bill’ (Draft, 6 June 2009) (PDF)

There was little debate of any substance in the Senate leading to the passage of the bill, the Senate accepting the Senate Economic Committee Report and Recommendations, without reference to the Reports many inadequacies!  View Senate Hansard (from pp 108-116)

See also press release by the new competition minister, Dr Craig Emerson (incidently, today the Treasury Ministers Portal finally added Dr Emerson to the their list of Treasury Ministers; but the web site it directs you to – Emerson’s Ministerial Home Page – still makes no mention of the fact that he is now Minister for Competition and Consumer Affairs).

UPDATE: Amendments have been agreed to by House.  Final bill as agreed to both houses can be viewed here.  I will produce a separate post regarding the final passage of the bill which now waits assent – the criminal provisions will become operative 28 days thereafter.

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