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Posted by Julie Clarke on 20 October 2009

I’ve recently come across a couple of new competition law blogs – it’s well worth having a look at and adding to your RSS feeds:

  • IP & Competition Law Canada is a well established competition law blog and resource administered by Steve Szentesi
  • Chillin’ Competition is a blog by Dr Nicolas Petit, lecturer in competition law and economics at the Institute for European Legal Studies (IEJE) Liege Law Faculty and co-director of the IEJE

Other useful competition/antitrust blogs include

  • Antitrust and Competition Policy Blog – this blog by D Daniel Sokol is about the most frequently updated one out there – while it’s light on opinion/content, it’s the place to go for links to new research, speeches, laws, conferences etc.
  • Antitrust Law Blog by Sheppard Mullin is regularly updated with good content and opinion
  • Antitrust Review is another US-based blog – regularly updated and edited by Hanno Kaiser, David Fischer and Manfred Gabriel
  • Antitrust Commentary – another well-established US blog with some good content organised well into subject areas – run by Matthew S. Wild, Senior Counsel at Levitt & Kaizer
  • Antitrust Lawyer Blog – less frequently updated, but worth keeping an eye on, run by  Antitrust Lawyers Doyle, Barlow & Mazard PLLC
  • The Antitrust Hotch Potch – after a dry spell between March and September, this blog is back in action – run by Prof Damien Geradin

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