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ICN Makeover

Posted by Julie Clarke on 23 December 2009

The International Competition Network web site has just had a makeover.  Looks nicer, but on the downside, the first link I selected was dead.  Hopefully they’ll work through the glitches quickly, because the new site looks promising.  The old one looked tired and was not at all user-friendly.  This one looks like it has potential and is considerably easier to navigate and find what you are after – at least when the links work.  It’s not perfect, but it’s a vast improvement on the original site.

The ICN Bulletin Board and Blog now also seem to be fully up and running (although it seems like more of a pure bulletin board than blog – if you want to post something you need to send it via an FTC email address ( – it would be fun to try something controversial, like recommending the removal merger authority from the FTC and consolidating it into a single agency, the DOJ(AD), and see whether it was posted.  My guess is I wouldn’t have much luck with that …).  Despite the restrictions, the Bulletin Board looks like a useful initiative.

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