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Conference announcement: What comes next in Electronic Communications?

Posted by Julie Clarke on 8 April 2010

Conference announcement

What comes Next in Electronic Communications? A Review of the New EU Framework
Brussels, 30 April 2010, Fondation Universitaire

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Registration closes on 18 April 2010.

One Response to “Conference announcement: What comes next in Electronic Communications?”


    “Competition Law in Singapore and Malaysia : Achieving Competitive Advantage ”

    The enactment of the Competition Act 2010 by Malaysia is timely.
    Singapore preceded Malaysia when it passed the Competition Act 2004 in 2004.

    The economic reality and international trade imperatives have totally seen a redrawn of global trading boundary in the Age of K-economy and an urgent response to address economic inequality via competitive legal measures.

    By adopting competition principles encapsulated under the respective Competition Act, both Malaysia and Singapore can lead with example and tackle head-on the demands of international trade, services and goods in a more holistic manner so as to achieve global economic sustainability within Asia-Pacific/ASEAN region.

    As competition law evolves, both Malaysia and Singapore should form a joit Competition Council to spearhead best practice in other sectoral industries particularly in the new area of economic thrusts/new engine of growth ie biotechnology and nanotechnology. This include Nuclear Cloud Computing(NCC) sector.

    Jeong Chun phuoc
    and an advocate in Strategic Environment and Taxation Intelligence(SETI)
    He can be contacted at

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