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Milk inquiry interim report released

Posted by Julie Clarke on 20 April 2011

The Senate has released its interim report on the infamous ‘milk wars’.

It recommends as follows

The Committee calls on the Government to table a formal response to the Committee’s report Milking it for all it’s worth—competition and pricing in the Australian dairy industry by 13 May 2011, which will be a year after it was tabled.

Yes, that is it – I kid you not – in this much anticipated report which is a whole two pages long (this is after they asked for and received an extension on the report date).  Pretty exciting stuff.  I’m glad I didn’t hold my breath.  The Senate blames Coles (and the government for not responding to a previous inquiry).  Who is surprised?

A further interim report is promised by 10 May and final report by 1 October.  I can’t wait.

View more information about the inquiry here.



(I can’t update my web site because I’m sitting in an airport lounge – but will do so when I return from leave on 2 May 2011)

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