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Consolidated TPA

Posted by Julie Clarke on 23 July 2009

Treasury hasn’t produced one and there’s no current consolidation at ComLaw, so in light of the fact that the criminal cartel laws (and the new civil cartel laws) kick into operation tomorrow I have prepared an unofficial consolidation.  The process of reviewing the entire Act has reminded me what bad shape it is in – I thought the numbering of the new cartel provisions was bad, but I’ve been reminded that the numbering scheme is simply consistent (and in some respects simpler) than most of the rest of the Act …

Note: A current consolidation is now also available at ComLaw and AustLII

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Senate to resume debate on Criminal Cartel Bill (postponed)

Posted by Julie Clarke on 13 May 2009

The Senate is due to continue second reading debate on the Criminal Cartel Bill today (of course they do seem to be running behind schedule)  – see Senate Dynamic Red for Progress.

See also Bill Home Page.

UPDATE: As predicted, the Senate adjourned before debate resumed on the cartel bill – it has been re-listed for debate today (Thursday 14 May)

ANOTHER UPDATE: Although it appeared on the Senate Order of Business until about 1.30pm, the Cartel Bill debate has now been removed from the Senate Order of Business for today.  The Senate next sits on 15 June.

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