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New issue of CCLJ

Posted by Julie Clarke on 13 August 2009

The latest Competition and Consumer Law Journal is out (Vol 17(1)) containing some interesting items on current developments in the law, including:

  • In hope of convergence — A regional perspective on competition law (Chief Justice R S French)
  • Signalling, collusion and s 45 of the Trade Practices Act (Rhonda L Smith, Arlen Duke and David K Round)
  • The contract requirement for the joint venture exceptions under ss 44ZZRO and 44ZZRP of the Trade Practices Act (Brent Fisse)
  • Cartel damages and the passing on defence: A comparative analysis (Graeme Edgerton)

For those interested in everything TPA related, there’s also an interesting article on the scope of s 51A (representations about the future) in the context of the current review of Australian Consumer Law.

  • The 2009 review of Australian consumer law — An opportunity to reconsider and clarify the rationale and scope of s 51A of the Trade Practices Act (Aviva Freilich and Eileen Webb)

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