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Competition Law Journal Rankings Revisited

Posted by Julie Clarke on 10 February 2010

The ARC 2010 journal rankings are now out.  Once again our research has been re-classified retrospectively.  Once again, competition law journals fair poorly.  We have two more competition law journals classified as ‘A’, journals’, but both are foreign, with the result that there are now five foreign competition/business law journals with an A ranking and no local journals.  No competition law journals anywhere reach the A+ ranking.  Some have completely disappeared from the list.  For last year’s list see my earlier blog.  Here are the current rankings with changes noted.  (Australian journals appear in green; the list of business journals is not comprehensive):


Nope, nothing here …


American Business Law Journal

Antitrust Law Journal

European Competition Law Review (up from a B last year)

Journal Of Business Law

World Competition: Law and Economics Review (up from a B last year)


Australian Business Law Review

Competition and Consumer Law Journal

International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law

Journal of Competition Law and Economics


(the vast majority of all journals are here)

Antitrust Bulletin

Business Law Review

Business Lawyer

Competition Law Journal

European Business Law Review

European Competition Journal

International Business Lawyer

No ranking

These ones seem to have dropped off the list – I can’t find them anyway!


Antitrust Law and Economics Review

Australian and New Zealand Trade Practices Law Bulletin

Competition Law Review

Global Competition Review

International Business Law Journal

Trade Practices Law Journal (this must be a mistake – I am exploring further!)


Re-ranking is both necessary and problematic.  As researchers, our immediate status as ‘research active’ or not is determined by the ranking system and our research  ‘quality’ is also now judged by the quality ranking assigned to the journals in which we publish.  There are many problems with this – esp where the rankings are not static and the discipline areas not fairly represented – in particular, there is a very odd emphasis on publishing in foreign journals (which often means publishing about foreign law rather than concentrating research on our own; this is more of a problem in law which has many jurisdiction-specific quirks than many other areas). I previously written about my feelings regarding the current ranking system.  They have not changed (at least not for the better) following this re-ranking.

FYI, the generalist law journals rankings I’ve previously mentioned remain essentially the same, save that the Australian Law Journal has moved from C to B ranking and the Griffith Law Review has had a miraculous jump from a B ranking to an A+ ranking.

For me, I will start focusing more on comparative law with emphasis on US and European jurisdictions rather than focusing on some of the real problems we have with our own domestic competition laws …

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